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Training and know-how is the key to success

We strongly believe that training and knowledge are the keys to success. That is why training.lu shares its many years of experience in the field of new media in the form of workshops and training courses. Our seminars are held either directly by our staff or by one of our qualified partners.

1. Consulting

Consultation before IT training is important for several reasons:

  1. Identifying the level of knowledge: Counselling enables participants to identify their existing knowledge and skills related to the training topic. This allows the training content to be better tailored to the individual needs of the participants.

  2. Determining training needs: Counselling also helps participants to determine their specific training needs. This allows them to focus specifically on the aspects they are still missing to achieve their goals.

  3. Identification of difficulties: Counselling also enables participants to identify any difficulties or challenges they may have in implementing what they have learned in practice. This allows these challenges to be addressed in the training and appropriate solutions to be developed.

  4. Clarification of questions and concerns: Counselling also offers participants the opportunity to clarify questions and concerns in advance. This helps to avoid misunderstandings and allows participants to fully concentrate on the training.

Overall, counselling before IT training can help participants understand the training content better and implement it more effectively. It helps to ensure that the training meets their needs and requirements and that they can later successfully apply what they have learned in practice.

2. Customised training

Given the different professional needs and requirements of our clients, we offer individually designed courses and training. The curriculum and topics are customised to ensure that the training is relevant and useful for each participant. Dates are set according to appropriate agreement.

  1. Individual customisation: In an individual training, the trainer can specifically address the needs and previous knowledge of the participant. This allows the learning process to be optimised, as the focus is on the relevant topic areas and unnecessary repetition is avoided.

  2. Time saving: Individual training can usually be completed more quickly because the learning content is tailored to the specific needs of the participant. As a result, time and resources can be used more efficiently.

  3. Flexibility: Individual training offers greater flexibility in scheduling, as the timetable and learning content can be agreed individually. This is particularly advantageous for working participants who want to integrate their training into their working hours.

  4. Deepening knowledge: Individual training offers a better opportunity to deepen knowledge and clarify specific questions. The trainer can address the individual needs of the participant and help them understand difficult concepts.

  5. Higher benefit: Individual training usually offers higher benefits as the participant can acquire specific skills that can be directly applied in their work. This allows him to increase his productivity and improve his quality of work.

3. Open courses

In addition, we offer open courses, also in cooperation with our partners. You can find a list of partners and the various events here on our website.

We are proud to present a comprehensive platform for desktop and digital publishing and information technology training. Our training website has been developed with the aim of providing you with hands-on training that will give you the knowledge and skills you need to succeed in today's digital world.

We offer a wide range of courses designed to meet the needs of beginners and advanced students alike. Our experienced lecturers have many years of experience in the industry and are able to provide you with the necessary knowledge in an understandable and accessible way. We place great importance on our courses being practice-oriented so that you can put what you have learned directly into practice.

Our training website offers the possibility to book open courses directly as well as to contact us.

As part of our training website, we also offer various certifications that validate your skills and knowledge. These certifications can help you improve in your career and impress potential employers.

  1. Exchange with the trainer: An open classroom IT training also offers the possibility to talk directly to the trainer and ask questions. This can help participants gain a better understanding of the material and feel more confident.

  2. Practical application: In an open classroom IT training, participants usually have access to practical exercises and can directly apply what they have learned. This can help them better understand what they have learned and apply it more easily later on.

  3. Flexibility: Open classroom IT training usually offers schedules and participants can choose from different dates that best suit their needs. This can help participants to integrate the training into their daily work routine more easily.

  4. Price: Open classroom IT training is usually cheaper than individual training because the cost can be shared between several participants. This can help companies and individuals get training they could not otherwise afford.

Our training website "training.lu" is state of the art and is continuously updated and improved to ensure you have the best learning experience possible.

Visit our training website today and discover how we can help you take your career to the next level!

4. support

There are several arguments for support after training in IT:

  1. Deepening what has been learned: After a training course, it is often difficult to apply what has been learned in practice. A support session offers participants the opportunity to deepen and consolidate what they have learned by asking specific questions and receiving practical tips.

  2. Solving problems: Problems can always arise when putting what has been learned into practice. A support system enables participants to be assisted in solving these problems and to get further help if needed.

  3. Advanced training: A support can also be used to provide participants with advanced training beyond what was provided in the initial training. In this way, participants can further develop their knowledge and skills and advance their careers.

  4. Updating training content: In the IT industry, technologies and requirements are constantly changing. Support can be used to keep training content up to date and provide participants with the latest developments and technologies.

  5. Increasing satisfaction: A support service shows participants that they are not left alone after the training is completed. This can help increase their satisfaction with the training and the provider overall.

Overall, post-training support in IT can help participants better understand and apply what they have learned more effectively. It offers them the opportunity to be supported in implementing what they have learned and to further develop their knowledge and skills.