Adobe Indesign CC accessible PDF

With the Adobe InDesign CC layout solution discover new possibilities to accessible Adobe PDF files.

Authorities and public institutions in particular are obliged to make digital content accessible, especially for making it available on the Internet.

You will learn backgrounds, legal basics, clever techniques and indispensable tips and tricks for your daily work to make the creation of barrier-free PDF documents as simple and secure as possible.

Should you intend to develop or further skills and knowledge in the Adobe Indesign CC program, we offer the following multiple day training course.

  • Participants
  • 1 - 8
  • Languages
  • English, German, Luxembourgish
  • Duration
  • 4h
  • Difficulty
  • Intermediate

The Program

The steps to the perfect accessible Adobe PDF files

First should provide an overview as well as an understanding of Accessibility.

  • Convert InDesign files to an accessible PDF file

  • Working with style sheets in word processing or desktop publishing programs

  • The article window

  • Artefacts

  • Anchored objects and images

  • File information and metadata

  • Tags and structure

  • table of contents

  • Abbreviations, enumerations and language changes

  • Alternative texts for images

  • Header and footer contents

  • footnotes

  • Output of tables

  • Conversion of forms

  • Fast and secure accessibility testing in Adobe Acrobat

  • Current helpful plugins other utilities and tips


This course requires knowledge and experience of the popular operating systems, Mac OS X, Windows. Possessing an understanding of the basic concepts of DTP (Adobe Indesign, Quark XPress) and graphics (Import & Export, Adobe Illustrator) would be advantageous.

Of Note

Corporate and individual training, follow-up as well as production accompanying workshops and coaching are available at any time. We would be pleased to generate for you an offer customized to your needs.
Experience tells us that the majority of questions arise during the actual practical application after the training. For this very reason we remain available after the training to provide advice as well as to provide on-site support. In addition we would also like to offer our on-site assistance in optimizing your company’s internal production.


The training can take place in our training room where a computer will be made available for each participant or at the client’s location with the materials there available.

magic moving pixel reserves the right to alter the here specified program at any time if magic moving pixel perceives that this would lead to an improvement of the course’s quality.